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YOUNG & ULRICH ENGINEERING, INC. can provide full structural design services from modeling of complex structures to steel detailing.  Staff engineers are registered in multiple states allowing us to provide certified drawings that meet local code requirements.  Our designers have experience with structures ranging from large building structures, overhead cranes, to stairs and platforms.  We can provide structural assemble drawings, layouts, sections, elevations, and details as required by that scope of work.

Structural Design
Structural elements can be designed to withstand all feasible loading conditions such as dead loads, live loads, and thermal expansion.  Elements are designed using engineering principles, AISC guidelines, codes, design standards, and computer software.

Structural Drawings
Structural assembly drawings can be provided to convey the overall structural system.  These types of drawings generally depict all components together. Structural design drawings are used to depict individual components.  Our structural design experience includes commercial buildings, industrial structures, trusses, support racks, equipment supports, stairs, platforms, ladders, overhead cranes, glass furnace design, and other miscellaneous items in the property forms of steel, concrete, or wood.Structural Drawings
Steel Details
Steel details can save you money and expedite the construction schedule.  Often when a job is issued to a fabricator they must generate steel details before fabrication. YOUNG & ULRICH ENGINEERING, INC., detailers can perform this work up front, allowing the fabricators to immediately start on the work.  Many local fabricators use YOUNG & ULRICH ENGINEERING, INC., to generate their detail drawings that have a complete bill of materials.  The steel details can be integrated with the structural drawings allowing for a comprehensive set of drawings resulting in more accurate fabrication bids.

Steel Details